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If you’re interested in Kung Fu classes and you live in the Virginia Beach/Hampton Roads area, then you have come to the right place. Not only will you see many of the benefits you’ll get by giving our Kung-Fu program a try, you’ll get to try it absolutely FREE for 30 days!

In this letter, you’ll see how OutFox Mixed Martial Arts has been helping all kinds of people in the Virginia Beach area get into better shape, learn self defense, and experience some of the Chinese culture using one of the most unique and fun martial arts in the world.

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A Quick Glance at Chinese Martial Arts

Outside of China, the expression “Kung Fu” is synonymous with what many people call Chinese martial arts. There are a number of fighting styles that have developed over the centuries in china. Styles evolved in many different ways, most popular being the studying and mimicking the characteristics of particular animals basic body movements, fighting abilities, spirit, and developing them into deadly fighting systems.

     Chi-Lin is OutFox Martial Arts Kung-Fu fighting system. A classical Chinese martial art that not only has…

Proven itself on the battlefields of ancient China

          But has also helped many individuals just like you to get in better shape, improve wellness, and heighten your overall…


     Our program is designed for ALL fitness levels and the first thing is that…

Kung Fu Training is fun

You don’t need any previous Martial Arts experience to do it or to get good at it. Our expert instructors will guide and help you along the way to develop a teaching style that works best for you. We have men, women, and kids in Virginia Beach of all ages that practice our style of Chi Lin Kung Fu.

Martial Arts weapons training

Martial Arts weapons training

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A One Of A Kind Martial Arts Training System

Chi-Lin Kung Fu is a well-rounded fighting system that includes devastating hand and foot strikes, trapping and jamming techniques, joint locks, pressure point manipulation, and grappling and choke holds to subdue your opponent which is an absolute key to self defense.  At OutFox Mixed Martial Arts academy in Virginia Beach we emphasize the self-defense aspect of Kung Fu training as opposed to focusing on showmanship or competition in tournaments.

Traditional weapons training are also taught with the modern-day practical use of them. You’ll master all the basic weapons drills, forms and movement in a safe, and structured setting making the techniques easy and fun to learn.

These Martial Arts weapons included;

  • Spears
  • Knives
  • Samurai Swords
  • Bo Staff
  • Tai Chi Swords
  • Broad Swords
  • Short Sticks
  • Halberts
  • Staves
  • And more…

You’ll learn the secrets ancient warriors used to defend themselves in the battlefields of china and discover how just learning the basic weapons technique can be…

Applied with ALL kinds of Everyday Items

At OutFox Mixed Martial Arts Academy in Virginia Beach,

YOUR Safety Is Our #1 Concern!

Our Kung Fu classes will always have an expert instructor present to supervise all training, including making sure you are paired up with the right partner for your size and skill level in a controlled environment. When you come train Kung Fu with us you can feel safe and secure knowing you will stay injury free.

With the combined knowledge of the Chi Lin Kung Fu forms taught here at OutFox Mixed Martial Arts, you’ll get a chance to…

Experience the Beautiful culture of Chinese Martial Arts here in the Virginia Beach Hampton roads area for 30 Days FREE!

Virginia Beach Kung Fu training

Virginia Beach Kung Fu training

What Can Training Kung Fu At OutFox Do For Me?

Here’s some of what you’ll be learning along with what you’ll get by training Kung Fu with us….

  • Kung Fu training improves focus and concentration and also increases hand/eye coordination
  • Develop characteristic of internal martial arts with Push Hands — A two-person training drilling to help you improve balance and coordination
  • Battle-tested Martial Arts techniques that work in the street (these techniques could save your life)
  • Not only is Chi Lin one of the most effective Chinese fighting styles, it’s a great stress reliever
  • Fun, safe and exciting environment (training Martial Arts will actually be something you look forward to)
  • Discover unique-specific Kung Fu exercises and drills you can do on your own so that you can get a great workout even if you can’t make it to class every day
  • Uncover the gentle art Tai Chi Kung Fu with low impact movements that burn TONS of calories and reliefs chronic pain
  • Learn REAL-World weapon training techniques developed by ancient warriors in China right here in Virginia Beach, Virginia
  • No experience required (anyone can enjoy the benefits of Kung fu training regardless of experience level; whether you’re a brand new beginner just trying it out or a seasoned martial artist)
  • You see how Chi Lin Kung-Fu training is a complete full body workout that builds strength and increases cardio (it works the entire body)
  • Triple flexibility with our Chi Lin style of Combat Yoga

More Than Anything Else …

We Want YOU To Be Satisfied!

Here at our Mixed Martial Arts academy — our students ALWAYS come first.

We pride ourselves on how committed we are to giving our students the best Martial Arts experience and customer service in the industry!

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What is a Chi-Lin?

Chi Lin Kung Fu logo

A Chi-Lin is a mythical Chinese creature, much like the Unicorn in the west, and has the characteristics of many animals. It is supposed to have the unique ability to change from one animal to another when necessary, i.e. a shape-shifter. Just like a well-trained Martial artist would change or adapt to an attacker — A skill that when mastered can save you and your ones from harm.

The Chinese usually depict a Chi-Lin figure with a head of Dragon, the body of a horse, and the scales of a Carp. It is said to bring good luck to those who see one. The Chi-Lin also represents adaptability in combat, flexibility in life, and defender of the just.

The Roots of Chi Lin…

Students of martial arts training have said that applied Chi-Lin Kung Fu looks like a combination of many different types of Mixed Martial Arts including; Wing Chun, Muay Thai, Aikido, Pentjak Silat, and Tai Chi.

In Reality…

Chi-Lin is a very old martial art that has much in common with the martial arts that predate the Shaolin martial arts by at least 2,000 years.

Chi Lin’s specialized system of fighting was used as an ancient military art in the Battlefields of China, which includes methods of traditional Chinese boxing (punching, kicking, blocking, sticking, and push-hands, locking and throwing), and weapons training (swords, knives, staves, spears, and short sticks). The weapons we have today (guns, tanks, and missiles) didn’t exist in those days, so…

Great emphases were put on technique, concepts and movement — ALL of which were very important in surviving in ancient warfare and self-defense

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An Internal And External Martial Arts

Chi-Lin is a complete Martial Arts system that teaches you both the internal and external side of the martial arts training. It has been utilizes both hard linear and soft circular forms of Kung Fu, thus it includes both, favoring neither.

At OutFox Mixed Martial Arts you will learn the External side of Martial Arts training in our Chi Lin Kung Fu classes. We begin on power, speed and application by developing fast and explosive movements and also…

Gaining Physical Strength and Cat-Like Agility.

     We focus on applying Chi Lin for street fighting self-defense as well as exercise to get you into great shape.

     At Virginia Beach martial arts academy we also supplement the external martial arts training with components of… Internal martial arts…

Which greatly reduces stress and improves your overall mental health

Virginia Beach Martial Arts students also practice aspects of mindfulness and understanding of our own Mind, Body, and Spirit. Including Qi or energy flow, which help and aid in the use of relaxed leverage techniques — rather than unskilled muscular tension.

     Kung Fu internal training also includes…

     Stance training, coordination, balance, stretching (similar to Yoga), and muscular strengthening, as well as empty hand training and weapon forms which will challenge each individuals progress to get you to the next level…

Regardless Of Your Current Level of Fitness.

Tai-Chi Virginia Beach

Tai-Chi in Virginia Beach

Are You Ready To Take Your Martial Arts And Self Defense Skills Up A Notch?

As in real life…

Chi-Lin training in Virginia Beach teaches how to defend yourself in unpredictable situations when you are out-numbered, surprised, or forced to defend ourselves in ANY situation where we are at a disadvantage.

Virginia Beach Martial Arts academy does not specialize in the technique of any one particular animal style or even combat range (striking, grappling, weapons), but prefers to…

Remain flexible, well rounded, and responding according to the needs of the situation

The forms or sets of our Kung Fu system of fighting also teach high-level self-defense concepts, strategies, and techniques. Our unmatched style of forms demonstrates how each movement of the sets can be used to defend against various strikes and grappling attacks.

There are many forms in Chi-Lin such as…

  • Dragon
  • Tiger
  • Crane
  • Monkey
  • Eagle
  • Five Animals
  • White Lion
  • Ape vs. Crane
  • Snake in the Willows
  • Seven Setting Suns of the Dragon
  • And many more…

The names of these timeless forms are symbolic for the different ways of generating power, speed, and strategies for using them.

The Goal is to MASTER Each Set by…

Coordinating the Movement of the Entire Body — Staying Relaxed — With Deep Controlled Breathing — While Maintaining Perfect Balance.

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